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Since 2001, Eric Boutilier-Brown has provided photographers with the information and skills they need to move their work to the next level. With a focus on one-on-one mentorship, Eric can help you take the mystery out of the photographic process, and put the magic into your photographic results.



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Eric Boutilier-Brown loves teaching and sharing his experience and knowledge with others. With a focus on learning how photography works, as opposed to just how to use a specific tool, Eric provides the skills to help photographers move their work to the next level. He hopes that you will find his enthusiasm and knowledge to be infectious and inspiring.


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As a private photographic instructor with decades of experiance, Eric Boutilier-Brown offers one-on-one mentoring on a wide range of photographic topics in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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After working in camera sales and service for a decade, Eric Boutilier-Brown founded in 2006, teaching courses and workshops in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. In the fall of 2022, Eric shifted away from courses and workshops to focusing on one-on-one mentoring for photographers at all levels.

student FEEDBACK

"Your work is outstanding and you inspire me to learn and improve my skill!  I love your eye for detail, passion for photography, creativity and imagination!"

    - Sharal R.


"Your openness to share your journey and speak so honestly is refreshing and gives me hope and renewed dedication for my love of photography. Thank you for also sharing your love of architectural photography, I can see myself now attempting to try some of the techniques you shared with more confidence."

     - Krista P.

"I just want to say thanks and that my pictures have changed drastically. They improved to the point when I went to pick some up today from Costco, they made me sign a waiver that this was my own work and wasn't stolen or from a professional."

     - Jason B.

"I'd like to specifically stress how helpful you are as an instructor. As someone with a degree in education, I really value your ability to convey your expertise without coming across as a know-it-all (even though I'm pretty sure you DO know it all!!) You are able to point out areas that could be improved without sounding critical or harsh. You make me want to do my best creatively and technically. Thank you."

     - Karen V.

"Eric has an incredible ability to instruct in a fashion that is interactive and extremely easy to comprehend. A truly amazing instructor, with the knowledge and passion to make any photographer an addict."

     - Denise S.

"My job involves hiring and assessing workshop instructors of all kinds. Eric is amongst the best I've seen. His approach is both challenging and supportive. He is at the same time practiced, reflective and natural. He comfortably strolls through subject matter, sometimes on the fringe or outside of the stated agenda, in a way that is responsive to his learners curiosities and passion... and always returning to the core content. His ability to sense a teachable moment and capitalize on it is remarkable.  His feedback is specific, wrapped around the individual's specific learning interests, constructive and immensely helpful."

      - Jim N.

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