An advanced photo student has a solid grasp of both camera and / or digital imaging skills, and lots of experiance behind the lens.



digital imaging student

is often most concerned with realizing all the potential contained in their images, and how to best present those images to an audience.


Advanced students often work on calibrated computer systems, using RAW files, adjustment layers and masks to tailor their images to taste. These files are then custom prepared as needed for various output format. An advanced digital imaging student frequently has an established Digital Asset Management (DAM) work flow, and carefully archives their work.

an advanced



advanced training

is often the most appropriate approach for advanced students, and Eric Boutilier-Brown Photography is more than happy to work with advanced students to determine which direction they need to focus on the most.


Often, advanced students seek guidance on specific advanced skills, or assistance in refining a body of work into a finished form.

is often looking for the final pieces to bring their photographic vision to completion. With a strong understanding of the fundamentals of photography, they can often realize an image from inspiration to completion with ease, using lenses and exposure controls to their maximum advantage.


Often, the primary focus of advanced students is upon successful realization of their vision, and the clarity of communication of their ideas. Students are often more interested in meaning and result then technical issues and techniques.

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