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Time: evenings, 7-9 pm

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Photo 101* is a nine week course that examines the basic photographic skills and gradually introduces advanced approaches to applying these skills to a variety of subjects and assignments. Designed primarily for the keen beginner with an interchangeable lens camera (SLR & mirrorless cameras), the course can be completed with any camera with manual controls (compact, mirrorless, even advanced cell phones etc).


Through class presentations, group critiques, and weekly assignments, students push their photography further, culminating in the final presentation of a personal project. Photo 101 also provides students the opportunity to attend optional field trips, one of which is included as part of the course.

Each class is accompanied by full colour notes and written homework assignments.


* this course focuses exclusively on camera skills

Most classroom sessions begin with a review and discussion of the student's photography, and then move onto a lecture on a new topic, swiftly expanding the student's understanding of the fundamentals of photography. Each class is accompanied by full colour notes and written homework assignments.


Designed for both the new or inexperienced photographer, Photo 101 can also serve as the prefect refresher for those who have recently returned to photography after a hiatus.


  • basic camera controls

  • lenses and aperture

  • shutter speed and ISO

  • exposure & histograms

  • available light portraiture

  • landscape and urban photography

  • fine art & B&W photography

  • photographic presentation

  • RAW & post production principals

Class Size: four to ten students


Course Expectations: Students are expected to print a minimum of 30 images per week during the course and are encouraged to print two 8x12 enlargements for assignments, as well as providing weekly proof prints (4x6) for group discussion.


Location: ViewPoint Gallery, 1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS


Fee: $450+HST (9 classes + 1 complimentary field trip; additional field trips $30+HST each)


Requirements: students must have a manual capable film or digital camera (single lens reflex, mirrorless or compact cameras). A tripod is recommended, as are additional lenses, remote/cable releases, filters etc., all of which can enhance the enjoyment and possibilities of the course.

Feedback from students:

I really enjoyed the photo 101 course, in fact, I'm kind of disappointed we're done, yet at the same time I'm excited to practice and learn new skills and concepts.  I found each week riveting, challenging and fun! - Sharal R.

This course far exceeded my expectations. I expected a class that would help me learn to use my camera: like which buttons to press to take a good photo. I was presently surprised at how much I was challenged in an artistic way: what do i actually want to photograph and in what way.  Karen V


I was incredibly pleased with the course, and it met and exceeded all of my expectations. Your passion for photography really shines in teaching and you have a tremendous talent with respect to it. - Rob J


I'm so glad that I took this course. Eric, you are an excellent photographer but also an excellent instructor.  There is a lot to learn about photography, but you presented the material in a way that helped make it comprehensible. - Brianna S


Thank you so much as I did enjoy all the classes and felt i learned a great deal. Your teaching style is non intimidating and you enthusiasm for photography is infectious.- Penny L


This is a fantastic course. My photography has improved immensely - it really helps when Eric (the course instructor) is so enthusiastic! - Emily T


In all my years of university (7 years, 3 degrees), I only had one or two profs that I just loved listening to ....could listen to lectures for hours...and I feel the same way about your classes. - Yolaine W


You really make a person want to be a better photographer and make the person feel like they can achieve that goal! - Shannon H


I learned so much in this course, I really can't say enough good things about it. I really wanted to develop my skills and this course has given me the tools to work with! - Sue M


I really learned a lot - the critique was great and taught a lot, but the theory was also very informative. It was great to learn from someone with such enthusiasm! - Jessica D