Date: TBA (6 bi-weekly sessions)

Time: evenings, 7-9pm

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This bi-weekly critique, review and discussion group encourages photographic creativity through topics or keywords assigned to focus on for two weeks. Each session is a full evening of photo review, encouraging students to expand their photographic vision, and see beyond their creative comfort zone.

The Creativity Workshop is a photographic sounding-board and critique group. Each session focuses on an assignment which imposes a requirement, limitation or focus for the next two weeks of photography. In a process loosely related to cognitive therapy, each evening session is a discussion / review / critique session which helps participants flesh out their personal creative process, learn new approaches and techniques, and develop a more refined approach to image making, and finishing. No two sessions of the Creativity Workshop are ever the same!


This course utilizes the entire creative process, and can be completed using both camera and computer (post production) skills.


Due to the recent decrease in photo printing options within HRM, the course prints can be included in the course fee ($12+HST/print). Files for class prints must be submitted 48 hours before class, and will be printed on a premium photo paper using archival dye-pigment ink.

Class Size: six to ten students


Course Expectations: Students are to print two 12"x18" prints each class for group discussion (a total of 12 prints over the course). Printing can now be included in the course fee (see below).

Location: ViewPoint Gallery, 1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS

Fee: $250 + HST or $394 + HST with printing included (twelve 12"X18" prints @ $12 each).


Requirements: Students must have a film or digital camera (compact, SLR or mirrorless);a tripod is recommended, as are additional lenses, remote/cable releases, filters etc., all of which can enhance the enjoyment and possibilities of the course.

Feedback from students:


I have enjoyed it very much and have learned so much from you and others in the class – some talented folks! And I really found that the class has pushed me to try new things and to think in different ways about how I photograph. Susan B.

I am very glad that I took this class. It's helped me to  open my eyes to see things in different light and my mind to think out of the box. - Irena K


I had a terrific experience in your class in part because you have such enthusiasm for photography and because you are have a lot of patience with beginner photographers. The assignments you planned motivated us to be creative and look at our surroundings and photography in a different way. - Mary-Jane A.


I liked the assignments and they did encourage me to think outside my box so to speak. I also liked the round of comments that were provided in each session from the other participants.  I liked the fact that is was bi-weekly as it provided me with time to complete the assignments - Angela L.


I think Creative Photography is the kind of course I would like to take again, as there are endless possibilities for assignments that would help me stay fresh and push me outside my comfort zone. - Madeline C.


This was another great workshop. I could do it again. It was really a very creative environment for photographers. The quality of the work was very high and it really stretched me. All very committed people. Eric is a great teacher and very generous with his time and energy. - Jane O.


Very useful course in helping me to develop a photographic vision and style and to look critically at what I produce. I think that it was as good as it gets, but I may be mistaken, it MAY get better! - Ewa D.


Interesting and challenging assignments that expanded my way of looking at what I photograph.  Helpful critique of photographs that gave guidance in understanding what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. Seeing how other students approached the same topic extended my concepts of how to visualize ideas.- Peter C.


I want to continue this course to keep my creative thought processes evolving and improving, hopefully! - Debby C.