Date: TBA (six sessions bi-weekly)

Time: Tuesday mornings, 10am - noon

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Fine Digital Printing (Lightroom) is a six session bi-weekly course perfect for the photographer with lots of great images but nothing to put on their walls! This course guides students through the process of producing fine finished photographic prints using Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom Classic*, with a focus on image refinement, tonal adjustments, and preparation for printing. The class addresses all aspects of digital printing, for students using both photo-chemical (commercial labs) and ink jet printers (home printing).


Each class is accompanied by full colour notes and written homework assignments.

*Adobe Lightroom (the cloud based service), Adobe Lightroom (tablet and iPad) and Adobe Lightroom Web are not covered by this course, though many of the skills and techniques may be transferable

Course objectives:

  • printing options, costs & consequences

  • explore proof, work & finished prints

  • learn strategies for culling images for printing

  • create methods for consistent image finishing

  • explore framing & presentation options

Class Size: three to four students


Course Expectations: students are to produce numerous proof and finished prints during the course (8"x10" or larger}. These prints can be produced on photo-chemical (commercial labs) and ink jet printers (home printing). Printing costs are not included in the course fee.


Location: ViewPoint Gallery, 1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS


Fee: $320 + HST plus printing costs

A three month ViewPoint Gallery Print Associate Membership ($80 for a student/$30 for a Friend of ViewPoint) would provide access to the gallery's 24" wide Epson P7000 printer for the duration of the course, with printing fees of $10.80/linear foot of 24" paper.


Requirements: Students must have previous photography experience and intermediate skills with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic (in-class demonstrations will be done on Adobe®Photoshop Lightroom Classic on a Windows 10 computer). Students who have not completed the Illuminating Lightroom courses should contact Eric Boutilier-Brown prior to registration to ensure their skill level is sufficient to fulfill the course expectations.


Students using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom may also take the course, but should be aware than a number of the techniques explored in class do not apply to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and that Adobe® Photoshop® is not directly addressed in the course.

Feedback from students:


I walked into this course with a totally wrong impression of how to print properly...this course was a real eye-opener.  Right combination of lecture and hands-on via homework...

            - Allan N.


Sure is nice to learn things in class as opposed to my usual way of muddling through books and online tutorials! I see there is plenty of room to tweak my work!

            - Krista


I am really excited about all of this. The printing really is a final step to photography and I LOVE it!

             - Debby C.