Custom group training and presentations can be used to provide your group, club or society with a catalyst to move member's photography forward.


curriculum and pace

Everybody needs a little help once in a while, especially when it comes to the fast changing world of photography. And when you do, Eric Boutilier-Brown Photography has the knowledge and creativity to bring your vision to life. In addition to providing material from his existing courses and workshops, Eric Boutilier-Brown can provide a wide range of custom training and workshops to suit every level of photographer




permits a group of photographers, a photo club or society to get exactly the content desired, in the format that fits their schedule & location.


Custom sessions are tailored to your group needs and provide the highest degree of attention and maximum flexibility at the same time. You can choose between a 2 hour session, multiple sessions, or a full day or weekend.


to inspire and educate


Eric Boutilier-Brown Photography can tailor design and present a presentation that addresses the needs or interests of your group. Whether it is instruction in basic photography, digital image management strategies, or specific training in the use of specific photographic tools, Eric Boutilier-Brown Photography can help provide a solution to your group.


A presentation could be combined with a day, or even full weekend workshop, which would add a hand's on field trip and a review session, and provide your group with the full educational experience.


If you'd like to receive a quote on a private program or presentation, simply e-mail with your specific needs, interest and ideal dates and level of photographic experience.

recent TOPICS

Previous custom Workshops/Training:


On-camera and Small Flash
Bounce Flash and Mixed Lighting
Digital Infrared Photography
Studio Lighting / Portraiture / Available Light Portraiture
Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom
Introduction to Digital Cameras
Photographing the Nude
RAW images and Post Processing
Exhibition Design and Production
Digital printing, basic / advanced
RAW and Digital Work Flow



Previous presentations:



Digital Image Possibilities
Digital Archiving
Macro and Flora Photography
Digital Photography and Public Collections
Basic Photography
Digital Camera Basics
Photography as Story-Telling (K-9)
Care and Handling of Historic Photographic Material