An intermediate photo student has a good undertstanding of photographic camera basics and / or digital imaging principals and skills.



digital imaging student

is comfortable with the basics of image handling, and often is familiar with RAW processing. They may use local adjustments (adjustment layers and masks or adjustment brushes), but often are not certain how to fully realize an image, or what other directions could be taken when working on photographs.


An intermediate student often works in RAW, and use software to finish most images, though their full potential is still being explored. They frequently use a catalog to keep track of their images, and have a basic work flow for their digital images (Digital Assets).

an intermediate



intermediate training

is one of the most flexible approaches to learning for an intermediate student, and Eric Boutilier-Brown Photography is more than able to provide a customized session or sessions to focus on the most immediate needs of the student.


Often, intermediate students are seeking to flesh out their knowledge of the fundamentals of photography, and one-on-one training can often achieve this with the greatest return on the student's

still has many questions about photography in general, but can realize an image from inspiration to completion with regularity, though some frustration still remains as part of the process.


Intermediate students may use histograms to guide their exposures, and often work with RAW file formats. Many have a number of lenses to choose from when making their images, and often use a tripod for their images, depending on the subjects

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