An introductory photo student has little to no previous experience with creative photography or digital imaging (or is seeking a refresher of the basics).



digital imaging student

wishes to learn how to make the most of their camera images, and create an efficient work flow. They may have viewed images on a computer, and even adjusted them with photo editing software, but they desire a better understanding of the potential of their images, and how to use the right tool at the right time.


Most intro digital imaging students have their images stored without a catalog or keyword system, and seldom have an archive process for their images (Digital Assets).

an introductory



introductory training

is always an option and Eric Boutilier-Brown Photography is more than happy to work with students to determine which direction they need to focus on the most. Often, intro one-on-one students select a combination approach, combining classroom theory with hands-on application.



wishes to learn more about the power of creative photography. They are either new to their camera, have always used the Auto mode or have recently returned to photography, and find a need for a refresher course.


Most intro photo students work with JPEG files, and make prints directly from these files. Most have only have one or two lenses (kit lenses) and while they may have access to a tripod, they may not have fully realized its potential.

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