Date: TBA (six evenings bi-weekly)

Time: 7-9pm

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Photo 201* is a six class (bi-weekly) course that continues to build student's camera skills, all the while increasing the focus on content and message.

Each class is accompanied by full colour notes and written homework assignments.

* Photo 201 is a camera focused course

Students will examine the five photographic choices, and how they influence the end result. The key to making strong photographs is making the best, often most extreme, choices when creating the images. Photo 201 focuses on these choices, over six classes and optional field-trips, simplifying them into five fundamental questions, and applying them over and over again to image creation.


TOPICS explored

  • using a perception pentagram

  • the 5 photographic decisions

  • lens buying vocabulary

  • aperture issues and the "sweet spot"

  • making the most of long exposures

  • pre-visualization of post production

Class Size: three to six students


Course Expectations: Students are to produce 2-4 finished digital files for homework assignments.


Location: ViewPoint Gallery, 1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS


Fee: $320+HST (optional field trips @ $30+HST)


Requirements: Students must have previous photography experience, and must be familiar with working in manual mode (using aperture, shutter speed and ISO controls). Photo 101 is recommended

Feedback from students:


Loved how everyone showed their photos at the start of class, while we talked about the technical aspect of the photo, it also gave me ideas of other stuff to photograph. It is easy to become very focused on one particular area of interest and not explore other areas. - Marg K.