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Photoshop for Lightroom* is a 10 week course focusing on incorporating Adobe Photoshop into a Lightroom user's workflow.

While Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an ideal workflow tool for the keen digital photographer, there are images and techniques which need more power than Lightroom's Develop Module provides. That is where Adobe Photoshop shines!

Since Photoshop 1.0 was released in 1990, it has become synonymous with image editing - the industry standard for pixel-level editing.

While Photoshop and Lightoom both provide identical editing of RAW files, when it comes to the refinement of the final image, Photoshop has no comparison.



​Beginning with how to move images between Lightroom and Photoshop, the course progressively explores how to utilize Photoshop's power and flexibility to further refine and enhance images already developed in Lightroom.

The course is provided through a combination of in-class demonstration, detailed review and discussion of homework assignments, and full colour notes.

* This course is a software-focused class, and will not provide camera skill information or content.

TOPICS covered

  • Working between Lr Classic CC and Ps CC

  • Colour Space & File Type

  • Panels and Navigation

  • Retouching (cloning, healing, patching)

  • Working with Layers and Masks

  • Local Adjustments

  • Photoshop Composites

  • Working with Text

  • Lr, Ps & Smart Objects

Class Size: four to eight student


Course Expectations: Students are expected to complete assignments for each class, working with the principles presented each session. Assignments will be brought to class on USB drives.


Location: ViewPoint Gallery, 1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS


Fee: $440. + HST


Requirements: A working knowledge of computers is required, including creating document folders, moving information between different locations, and using basic software such as word processing and mail programs.

Students should have completed the Illuminating Lightroom I & II courses, or have a solid working knowledge of Lighroom (importing, culling, image valuation, filtering, exporting, and development with local adjustments).


Having a subscription to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Photoshop CC is required. The course can be completed with earlier versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, but some features explored will not be present, and the notes will no lonber be program specific.


While the course is presented on a PC platform using Windows 10, it can be completed by students using MAC computers using equivalent software.