Seminar:  Monday, June 27, 2022 (7-9pm, one evening)

Mentored Field Trips: Saturday evenings July - September (weather dependent)

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is a one night Zoom seminar focused on outdoor photography with natural light. Exposure controls, composition strategies and long exposures utilizing neutral density filters will be explored in the presentation, providing students with a range of tools and techniques to apply to their photography. At the end of the session, a few suggested strategies for strengthening the photographic process as a whole will be provided.

A series of Mentored Field Trips held in a variety of locations within 1.5 hours of Halifax will be offered through July, August and September (weather permitting), providing participants with a chance to put in to practice the principals introduced in the evening seminar while having access to a supportive mentor.

Previous Summer Light participants may participate in the Mentored Field Trips without repeating the Seminar.


Each Mentored Field Trip includes is a two-hour  group review session 9 days later (on a Monday night of the second week following the field trip). Initially review sessions will be by Zoom, but if Nova Scotia COVID-19 restrictions permit it, meetings may shift to being in person, at ViewPoint Gallery.

The Summer Light seminar focuses on camera skills, but the images created during the optional field trips (see below) and brought to the review sessions can incorporate any camera and post-production skills (including multi-image techniques).


to take your images further


Summer Light seminar participants may also augment the seminar and field trips with individual one-on-one sessions (subject to scheduling & availability). While group reviews can help a photographer gain insight into their own process, and learn from the experience and journey of others, there are times when a one-on-one session can make all the difference.


General Session - These may focus on any topics, from image review and culling to camera techniques or post-production workflow. ($100+HST for 2 hours, three 2-hour sessions are available for $250+HST)

Fine Printing Session - Focused on creating one or more fine photographic prints, these sessions (2 hour maximum) provide full support for post production and printing, regardless of the level of the photographer. Prints are made with an Epson P7000 printer, on 24" wide paper (maximum print size from a DSLR is 22"x33"). Total fee will depend on the amount of prints completed ($100+HST plus printing costs @ $0.90/inch).

Seminar Location: ViewPoint Gallery, 1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS


Zoom Seminar Fee: $50+HST

Mentored Field Trip Fee: $50+HST (4-8 students)


Each field trip will last 2+ hours (not including transportation time) and include a group review session 9-10 days after each field trip (by Zoom, or if possible, in person, depending on the COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time).

Generally, field trips will start around 6pm, and run until after sunset (this does not include driving time, which may be up to 1.5 hours from Halifax).

Field trips will be held on July, August and September (usually on a Saturday evenings), are weather dependent, and will be scheduled 48 hours days in advance. A field trip must have a minimum of 4 participants.


Requirements: Students must have previous photography experience, and be familiar with working in the control modes (Program, Aperture, Shutter or Manual). Photo 101 is recommended.


Students must have a digital camera (compact, mirrorless or SLR); a tripod is recommended, as are additional lenses, remote/cable releases, and neutral density filters, all of which can enhance the enjoyment and possibilities of the course.


For the prints to share in the review sessions, post-production is not required, but students may post produce their images if desired (including multi-image techniques).

Participant Feedback:

"Tonight was great. It feels like we are participating in a Photography workshop as other photographers offer all over the world only this is in our home country!"

                         - Debby C