Date: July 6 - August 24, 2022

Time: Wednesday evenings 7-9pm

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Summer Photo 101* is an eight week course that examines the basic photographic skills and gradually introduces advanced approaches to applying these skills to a variety of subjects and assignments. Designed primarily for the keen beginner with an interchangeable lens camera (SLR & mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras), the course can be completed with any camera with manual controls (compact, mirrorless, even advanced cell phones etc).


Through class presentations, group critiques, and weekly assignments, students push their photography further. Photo 101 also provides students the opportunity to attend optional field trips, one of which is included as part of the course.


* this course focuses exclusively on camera skills

Most classroom sessions begin with a review and discussion of the student's photography, and then move onto a lecture on a new topic, swiftly expanding the student's understanding of the fundamentals of photography. Each class is accompanied by full colour notes and written homework assignments.


Designed for both the new or inexperienced photographer, Summer Photo 101 can also serve as the prefect refresher for those who have recently returned to photography after a hiatus.


  • basic camera controls

  • lenses and aperture

  • shutter speed and ISO

  • exposure & histograms

  • available light portraiture

  • landscape and urban photography

  • Post Production and RAW Basics

Class Size: 4-8 student


Course Expectations: Students are expected to print a minimum of 30 images per week during the course and are responsible for a minimum of two 8x12 enlargements for assignments, as well as providing weekly proof prints (4x6) for group discussion.


Location: ViewPoint Gallery, 1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS


Fee: $400 + HST (8 classes + 1 optional complimentary field trip; additional field trips $30 each)


Requirements: students must have a manual capable film or digital camera (single lens reflex (SLR), mirrorless interchangeable lens or compact cameras). A tripod is recommended, as are additional lenses, remote/cable releases, filters etc., all of which can enhance the enjoyment and possibilities of the course.

Feedback from students:


"Eric's expertise as a photographer was perfectly complimented by his unique ability to impart knowledge objectively - while sharing his experiences. As a beginner, I felt very comfortable in the class, and loved Eric's teaching style." - Jennifer C.

"Eric has an incredible ability to instruct in a fashion that is interactive and extremely easy to comprehend.  A truly amazing instructor, with the knowledge and passion to make any photographic an addict." - Denise S.