Date: TBA

Time: evenings, 7-9 pm

focus the lens and frame the


The Extended Portrait* is an six session (bi-weekly) course focused on making effective, evocative portraits. With origins in the Renaissance, photographic portraiture has a long history which will be explored in this course.

Each class is accompanied by full colour notes and written homework assignments.

Over this course, the history of portraiture both before and after the arrive of photography will be examined, and drawn upon to help explore the potential of a variety of approaches. A successful portrait relies on more than just technical success; it needs to say something about the subject (and sometimes, the photographer).


with the subject is paramount

With classes split between image review and class presentations, students will explore natural light, and how it can be used in effective portraiture. Light modification (diffusion & reflectors) will be introduced and explored, as will the power of the portrait setting.


*This course focuses primarily on camera and creative skills, but can be completed using both camera and computer skills.

Class Size: four to eight students


Course Expectations: Students are to print two 8"x12" prints each class for group discussion plus a 6 print final project (16 prints over the course).


Location: ViewPoint Gallery, 1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS


Fee: $320+HST (optional field trips are $50+HST including model fees).


Requirements: students must have a film or digital camera (compact or SLR);a tripod is recommended, as are additional lenses, remote/cable releases, filters etc., all of which can enhance the enjoyment and possibilities of the course. For the course, post-production is not required, but students will be permitted to do basic image processing using products such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Feedback from students:


"This class exceeded all my expectations and was very interesting on learning about the history of photography has me studying at a lot more work from the "Masters". I feel it also has helped me to start developing my own style"        

             - Ken B